Pink Friday

Pink Friday- a day dedicated to small businesses and boutiques- Help me make Friday Pink by visiting ETSY shop


You may have heard of Pink Friday and thought it was for Mary Kay(I think they celebrate Pink Friday instead of Black Friday) You may have never heard of Pink Friday! I am here to fill you in and give you the scoop

Focus on small

This season we want to focus on shopping small first

Is Pink Friday the same as Black Friday?

No, although many small businesses have chanted the name of Black Friday to Pink Friday. But the Pink Friday I am referring to is the Friday before Black Friday and it is a special day for boutiques!

Start of the biggest shopping season

The Retail community works hard all year for this weekend,for Black Friday weekend. It is the official start of the Christmas shopping season! Black Friday has changed throughout the years and today we have Black month,the majority of the month of November is deals, doorbusters, and huge sales.

Black Friday is and has always been focused on the big box/department stores and outlets.

What about boutiques?

Yes we have black Friday, small business Saturday and cyber Monday for online boutiques. Did you know there is another date in November set aside for boutiques?

Pink Friday

In 2020 we were in a pandemic and small boutiques feared they would not be as successful because most people stayed home and shopped online. A movement of over 5,000 boutiques across thr USA and around the world came together for Pink Friday, scheduled the Friday before Black Friday using hashtag #shopsmallfirst

What is a boutique?

By definition a boutique is a small store selling fashionable clothes and or accessories. I consider Redefine your plans a boutique specializing in stylish stationary instead of fashionable clothes.

Boutique is a fresh word for shop derived from an ancient Greek word for storehouse


Shopping small supports real people and real families not big corporations! Shopping small offers a unique experience only found when Shopping small. I hope that this Christmas season you will consider shopping small first.

I know prices may be a bit higher than department stores but you have to consider the small business often it is one person or a few, in case we handmade all of our products none of our process is outsourced, we try our very best to keep our prices the lowest we can. At the end of the day we are running a business and we have to make a profit. Consider shopping small this season!

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