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Have you ever had a recurring dream, like it won’t go away? A dream you ever wonder will it come true? I have had this…


Have you ever had a recurring dream, like it won’t go away? A dream you ever wonder will it come true?

I have had this dream for probably the last 10 years or so that one day I would have my very own planner that I designed, created and sold in a shop!

Very much inspired by the Happy Planner and Erin Condren among so many others, I got to work several years ago figuring out my planning style what worked and what didn’t, what type of planner suited me the best.

Crazy when dreams become reality

Even crazier is when you don’t even realize it is happening until it is already happening.

In 2021, I opened my ETSY shop specializing in digital downloads to print and plan, this was the style that was working for me, plus I loved designing new pages to share in my shop.

In 2022 I wanted to offer something physical in my shop, something I could make with my hands and ship to customers. I taught myself how to make notepads

Stickers have always been a favorite of mine so it was a no brainer to offer stickers in my shop. Then one day I decided I would try to make notebooks, I mean I already had notepads right so notebooks made sense. I started with handstitched traveler notebooks and quickly like in the matter of a few days started spiral notebooks. I was obsessed!!!!

Spiral notebooks… turned into planners

The catalog of planner pages was extensive, one day I printed a bunch, trimmed them then punched and spiraled them and voila I had a planner!!!

I wanted my planner to be different… yes I know there are so many options out there already how could I create something different, how could I compete?

Not your average notebook

I have loved spiral notebooks for as long as I can remember, I grab a notebook and fill it with notes, daydreams, lists and plans. Thoughts filled my head

what if I could turn a spiral notebook into a planner but it still look and feel like a notebook.

Not your typical planner

Most planners are serious about planning, with a few notepages at the end. There are tons of options out there, tons of serious options out there.

I wanted my planner to have a fun, relaxed, casual feel. Not too professional not too serious, but serious enough people could use in professional settings but not too fancy that people would be apprehensive about writing inside.

Introducing The Notebook Planner

A planner that looks and feels like a notebook. A notebook that functions like a planner!

currently we have quarterly planners available for a smaller more portable option in the following themes

  • Making Plans personal planner
  • financial
  • blog
  • entrepreneur
  • social
  • meals
  • sermon notes

Coming soon…. very soon, like printing begins today(Nov 18th)

I am excited to announce the Lifestyle edition is in the process of being made!!!! Should be ready to ship December 6th earliest December 13th latest

One beautiful cover have been designed for 2023

Let’s just say life is better with sprinkles… wink wink!!!

This Lifestyle notebook planner has a section for goals, 12 month sections and a personal section for trackers and lifestyle pages and an extra section for extras

Each month has an overview and at the end of the month will have a recap page

Each section has a nice notes section, to take notes or make lists!

Cannot wait to share more with you

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