Spring Sticker Reveal

Spring is coming!!!! Now is the time to gather your planner, accessories, and stickers to decorate your spring planner layouts!


Spring is coming. It’s time to get your planner and accessories ready!

At Redefine your plans, you will be able to find stickers to decorate your planner layout, stickers to help you plan, planning accessories, planning page inserts, and more!


Our sickers are designed, printed, and cut in home studio! We only use the highest quality products from the sticker paper to the ink used to print. Each sticker sheet is carefully checked for quality prior to shipping to you!

We use clipart to design our sticker sheets!

Fast Shipping

We take great pride in getting your order shipped to you as quickly as possible! Please read each product description carefully as most products are ready to ship, but some are made to order.

Ready to ship products ship out the next business day(sometimes same day shipping… depending on when the order was placed)

Made to order products, ship times vary depending on the product. Each description will specify shipping times for that product.

Spring 2023 Stickers

This spring, you will find bright colors, floral stickers, icons, words, journal block stickers, decorative sheets, and lots of functional planning stickers!

Star icons

This sheet is full of little yellow stars, perfect to create checklists, and draw your attention to important tasks or events in your planner or as decorative elements on your layout!

This sheet includes 88 small yellow star stickers printed on matte white non repositionable stcker paper

Ready to ship to you!!!!

Over the rainbow stickers

Add little rainbows with clouds to your planner with these adorable stickers! It is small enough to use for checklists or draw your attention to something in your planner! Big enough to add color to your layout!

Rainbows Spring- Redefine your plans- Spring 2023 Sticker reveal

This sheet includes 45 rainbow stickers printed in matte white non repositionable sticker paper

Cats icon stickers

Do you love cats? This sheet is perfect for you, small kitty cat faces to decorate your planner page, create checklists, or draw attention to important events in your planner

Cutest small kitty face stickers- planning sticker sheets- Redefine your plans

This sheet includes 63 small kitty face icon stickers printed on matte white nonrepositionable sticker paper.

Sparkle Stickers

Who doesn’t love a little sparkle? This sheet is perfect to add a little sparkle to your planner page without adding glitter. The sparkle icons in matte earth tomes bring a sense of calm to your page!

Sparkle stickers- planning stickers Redefine your plans

Sheet includes 30 sparkle and dot stickers to decorate your planner layout! Stickers are printed on matte white nonrepositionable sticker paper!

Relax Stickers

When I need some me time and feel like I need to escape the busyness of my chaotic day, I open my planner! That was the inspiration behind this sticker sheet! I wanted a relaxing calm to be added to your layout.

Relax stickers part of the 2023 Spring sticker reveal for redefine your plans

Smiley face Stickers

Because sometimes you need a smile. I try to always have a smile in my face. Did you know it takes less energy and less muscles to smile than to frown? Just a fun fact for you! These stickers are small enough to use for checklists or use to decorate your layout!

Smiley face stickers- planning sticker sheet Redefine your plans

Taco Tuesday Stickers

I don’t know about you, but I could go for tacos just about any day of the week, but nothing more special than Tacos on Tuesday to celebrate Taco Tuesday!!!! This sticker sheet is going to be perfect to celebrate your favorite taco Tuesday or even Cinco De Mayo!

2023 Spring sticker reveal for Redefine your plans

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