Two Dollar Tuesday

Two Dollar Tuesday comes to Redefine Your Plans!!! functional sticker sheets to add to your plans!


If you have been in the planning community for a while you will know what Two Dollar Tuesday is!

If you are new to the planning community, I am here to share about Two Dollar Tuesday!

I am not exactly sure when it started or the shop who started it! But two Dollar Tuesday is a special thst new items are listed in ETSY SHOPS on Tuesday and just cost $2.00, coukd be sticker sheets, dashboards, accessories, planning inserts and more.

Most Two Dollar Tuesday is sticker sheets designed special and listed on Tuesdays and these sticker sheets cost just $2.00

Redefine Your Plans joining the fun

The shop is joining in on the fun of $2.00 Tuesday this week!

I am excited to announce this and share the sheets with you!

Sticker sheets are functional stickers and are ready to ship!!! Fast shipping- buy the entire collection and save money!!!

Each sticker sheet is available in 4 colorways

  • Bright lights
  • Primary
  • Latte
  • Black and gray

Premiering this week

This week is the first week for two dollar Tuesday and this week we have 3 sheets

  • Circles
  • Half circle tabs stickers- financial
  • Boxes

Shop stickers

ETSY shop is always open- feel free to come on by and take a look around! We have all things to help keep your stationary as stylish as you are!!!

Color code

Color Coding in your planner can be super helpful! These stickers are perfect to help you get started color coding in your planner!

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