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It is so easy to get caught up in all the madness of buying every single sticker you see on social media and ETSY. In…


It is so easy to get caught up in all the madness of buying every single sticker you see on social media and ETSY. In all reality you don’t need every sticker. Today I will be sharing my top 7 picks of planner stickers that you actually need and will find yourself using over and over.


A planner is just a book unless in the hands of a planner and then it can help you plan the life you have once only dreamed about! Stickers are fun but they are only useful if you actually use them in your planning process!


A quick search on ETSY and you will find that planner stickers are trending and you will quickly see that sticker options and selection are endless. It can be overwhelming when shopping for stickers, especially for new planners. The main thing to keep on mind is you do not need every single sticker, even though it is very tempting!

My Recommendations

I have been planning for as long as I can remember, seriously and been part of the planning community since 2014 when I bought my very first Erin Condren Life planner!

When I started planning there wasn’t many options I remember going to the craft store and using scrapbook stickers!

then I started creating my own sticker line and those can be found in the Redefine Your Plans ETSY shop.

I am a sticker collector so I know from personal experience the struggle is real with needing to buy all the stickers!

Here is my list

Planning Stickers you actually need!

  • word stickers
  • icon stickers
  • boxes
  • days of the week
  • numbers and letters
  • decorative stickers
  • washi tape or border stickers

Word Stickers

I use word stickers in my planner each and every week. Probably the most used sticker I have. I love text or word stickers you csn use for section headers or in place of your own hand writing!

Word stickers are great to categorize your planner, create headers, and draw attention to important items in your planner!

Text stickers, recommendations on the planning stickers you need!

Icon Stickers

These are small and can very full colored or illustrated black and white. Icons can be shapes like; circles, hearts, stars, squares, triangles. Icons can be images like; TVs, waterbottle, laptops wifi signal, social media, and cleaning tools.

These icon stickers are perfect to make lists, to decorate your planner, or to draw your attention to an item in your planner.

Icon stickers are on the list of planning stickers you need

Box Stickers

Boxes are nice to bring attention to something important. Boxes make awesome headers and can separate planner sections! Box stickers can be layered and make your planner layout neat, organized, and pretty!

The Box Stickers are perfect to write important info down, color code in your planner, and make your planner pretty!


Days of the Week

Days of the week stickers are popular especially of using a bullet journal or a DIY planner! These stickers can also be used to cover existing days of the week. Using these stickers is an easy way to customize your planner!

Numbers and letters

I LOVE number stickers and use them in my planner a lot! You can either cover dates up or you can date an undated planner(which is what I typically do). Number stickers is something you can never have too many, go ahead and splurge here!

Letter stickers are fun to use, spell out words for a different loom or use to make a list (a..b..c..)

Decorative Stickers

This category is easy to start collecting stickers, and it is really easy to buy too many! Decorative stickers are not necessary for a functional planner but it is fun to decorate your pages.

I would suggest getting a few kits of decorative stickers to start out, if you utilize them buy more, if not then Don’t. Do what works for you!

Washi Tape or border stickers

Washi tape is also super addicting-to begin with get a few solid color washi tapes, slowly add in patterns and themed rolls.

Some shops offer washi tape stickers, these are fun to layer, divide planner into sections or decorate the borders of the page.

Washi tape Sticker strips

Gallery of stickers

See something you like? Head on over to the ETSY shop

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