Types of planners

There is a planner for anything from daily plans to special occasions and everything in between! If you are just getting started in the planning…


There is a planner for anything from daily plans to special occasions and everything in between! If you are just getting started in the planning community it may be overwhelming knowing the different types of planners and what you want to plan! This post will help to explain the most common types of planners!

A tool

A planner is a tool and will only be useful if used properly. A tool like a hammer. A hammer is just a hammer and cannot do anything but in the hand of a carpenter can build your dream home! A planner is just a book but in the hand of a planner can plan the life you dream of!

Types of planners

  • Bullet journal
  • health and fitness
  • budgeting
  • weekly
  • daily
  • work and business
  • home and personal
  • social
  • paper
  • digital

Bullet journal

A place to organize your thoughts. A place to reflect on your day or week although a bullet journal can be used as a planner. The main purpose of a bullet journal is to journal and to keep a log of activities or events

Health and fitness

A planner used to track your health and fitness journey! Things you would track in this planner is your steps, your meals, workouts, weight, measurements, exercise, and water intake


This is a necessary part of adulting. Budgeting does not have to be a chore, with a planner it can actually be enjoyable to track your spending, income, expenses, to pay bills and pay off debt all inside a cute and functional planner

Weekly planner

The most common type of planner! Choose between a Sunday start and Monday start. Plan everything at a high level from home to work to school to meals and projects!

Daily Planner

The second most common type of planner! This planner is more detailed and offers you room to go to a deeper level of detail in planning out your day! Most Daily planners have an hourly schedule along with room for additional notes and plans! This type of planner is a good choice for moms, busy working women, students!

Work/ business

This planner specifically set up to plan work and business, this planner will have trackers specifically designed for business related activities, along with places to journal and brainstorm!

Home/ personal

This planner is set up to plan your home- all of those extracurricular activities, chores, meals, budgets and more


A social planner is used to keep track of your social media accounts, a content planner- to plan out the content you share! A place to plan hashtags and keywords, and track followers


The original type of planner is a paper planner. This planner is one that you can touch, you can write in, you can decorate with pens, stickers and washi tape, you can flip the pages of this planner as it is a book


This planner is digital you can have on your phone, computer or tablet! Type your plans inside the planner instead of writing, digital stickers can be used to decorate the planner

Planner Styles

Did you click on this post hoping to learn more about styles of planners? Overview is here in this post. You can find detailed planner style post here!

  • rings
  • strings
  • disc-bound
  • spiral/coil
  • planner pad

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